Dedicated Wellness Program

Get Personalized Wellness Programs at Affordable Prices

At Whatcom Occupational Health, our goal is to provide treatment for work-related injuries and promote a healthy workforce, prevent illness, and work with employers on occupational hazards that cause risks to employees.

We accommodate both walk-ins and appointments for acute care and specialize in treating employer-requested injuries, Labor and Industries (L&I) claims, and first aid.

Our treatment philosophy emphasizes early return to work of injured employees (when medically safe). We also offer comprehensive occupational medicine services to ensure the employees' effectiveness on the job.

Our staff can work to design an affordable, workable program for your company. We offer extended hours, making access to care even more convenient. We provide overall wellness for your entire workforce.
Employee injury

Address Your Employees' Health Concerns Immediately

Our staff can provide healthy and safe medical guidelines for your company to help keep your employees' stress and health concerns to a minimum.
Some of your staff may be facing health issues that are outside of your typical scope of understanding. Our team can help you determine if your employees are healthy enough for the position they hold and reduce the risk of illness, days of missed work, and possible risk factors for your team.

Let our staff help you create a specialized wellness program for your entire team. You and your employees will both reap the rewards of healthier living and the camaraderie of overall wellness success.
Call us today to learn more about our wellness program.
Let our team help you and your employees stay healthy through effective and affordable medical care. 
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